WIN TV NETWORK INC., is first and foremost a global entertainment platform that is subscription based, very much like NETFLIX.

However, its much more than that.

Its also a tremendous global marketing platform for anyone looking to promote a product, a service or anything else for that matter.

WIN TV  is also a social media site bringing people together from all over the world with a common interest in winning large sums of cash and prizes through skill based trivia games. It is also the ONLY social media site that allows its users to make a lot of money.

WIN TV t is also an educational site. Every time you play one of the 1,000,000 games available on this site, which have already been played 3.8 billion times,  the chances are 99.9% that you will learn something new.

Since the early days of television, almost 75 years ago, “Game Shows” have been one of the most popular genres and also one of the most profitable. However, under the “Old School” production methods most of the “Game Shows”  were typically limited to 1 – 4 contestants.

WIN TV is utilizing state of the art technology and proprietary production algorithms, along with creative content and now, for the first time,  anyone, anywhere in the world, can sit at home and watch WIN TV on a television, a mobile device or any kind of phone and  can compete as a television “GAME SHOW” CONTESTANT AND WIN HUGE AMOUNTS OF CASH AND OTHER GREAT PRIZES!”

If you would like to see if you could win a million dollars, go to the drop down menu under the “HOME” tab.

Click on the “HOW TO PLAY” tab.

Here you will find out how to play these WIN TV games as a television “GAME SHOW” contestant. Watch the videos in the sample games, try to answer the questions and see how you do.

Gather up the friends and family, or put a team together, watch the videos and answer some questions. It’s fun, quick and easy!

If you can answer the questions and be the first one back to us with the right answer, then you could have won up to $1,000,000 CASH and some fantastic “Runner-Up” prizes! 



WIN TV is the best entertainment value in the world today!

Through WIN TV you can play for free and access over 1,000,000 games that have had over 3.8 BILLION plays from the links we provide, or you can subscribe and GO FOR THE BIG MONEY on the WIN TV “FEATURED GAMES.”

WIN TV’s “FEATURED GAMES” are games that we have personally created to be entertaining and THEY HAVE BIG PRIZES ATTACHED TO THEMl

We call “GAME CREATORS”  “GAME JOCKEYS” (GJ’s). These folks of course have to be paid and that’s why we ask for subscription amounts which support this website and provide administration, security  and oversight to all the players. 

From the daily WIN TV CROSSWORD that pays $100.00 to $1,000 dollars each day for the first correct solution, to a staggering $ ONE MILLION DOLLAR CASH PRIZE  in WIN TV’s great  “TREASURE HUNT” game, this really is a great opportunity and the absolutely best family value entertainment in the world.

WIN TV can also be considered a new and exciting social media site like Facebook, Twitter  or Instagram in the way it connects people from all over the world.

You can play the WIN TV skill-based trivia and other games as a single player, but also as a team. The team can be a family team, a bar or restaurant team, a business team, a church team, a National Team, an International Team, a veteran’s team and many more group options. The bottom line is that you can work together to win the games and share the prize money. THIS IS THE ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA SITE WHERE YOU CAN EARN MONEY! FANTASTIC!

With over 100 years of combined production experience in producing and distributing television shows, the founder and principals of WIN TV have the experience and the creative ability to lead WIN TV in an extraordinary endeavor that will disrupt the traditional television entertainment and educational market as we now know it. The Founder of WIN TV is also an Oxford Educated special education teacher who taught for many years.

Everyone knows how popular the game show genre is, but very few people know how much money these games show’s make. It’s astounding! They are CASH MACHINES!

“Who Wants to Be A Millionaire” (WWTBAM) has generated over $2 BILLION dollars since its inception. SONY paid the creators of that game show (CELADOR) $400 million dollars for the broadcast rights to the show, and then turned that investment into $2 BILLION +.

Similar shows such as “Wheel of Fortune”, “Jeopardy”, “Deal or No Deal” are all distributed in over 200 countries and have been for years. From advertising in the USA alone, these shows each make in excess of $1.2 million dollars a day. On an international basis the revenues are extraordinary.

All of these shows are produced in the ‘old school’ method. Large studios, highly paid camera people and hosts, Pat Sajak from “Wheel of Fortune” earns a reported $13 million a year.

This is why we are so excited about the possibilities of WIN TV. We have really revolutionized the production process and minimized production costs.

It is important to recognize that WIN TV IS NOT a gaming site with a random outcome. You need “SKILL” to win these WIN TV “FEATURED GAMES”, just like all other television game shows require. It could be the skill of knowledge, it could be the skill of and the ability to research the answers faster than anyone else.

FOR ADVERTISERS, WIN TV is the perfect venue to reach a daily global audience for a fraction of what you would normally pay to secure television advertising time. Whether it’s tourism related, a service, a hotel, a product or you wish to create global exposure for your brand, WIN TV’s innovative programming, where we include your promotional materials into the content of the actual games, means that every viewer has to watch EVERY SINGLE FRAME of your content for fear of missing out on a major prize. WIN TV is the only network to ever do this. CONTACT US NOW

Lastly, WIN TV is in the process of becoming a USA listed public company and is currently undergoing a private placement of its “Seed” shares to ‘friends, family and business associates’. This will be followed by an offering to the General Public at a much higher price.

If anyone is interested in acquiring any of the “Seed” shares in WIN TV NETWORK  then please CONTACT US NOW:

EMAIL: wintvnetwork@gmail.com