Authors Games



AUTHORS GAMES: Millions of people love a good book. Whether it’s romance, action adventure, mystery, an autobiography or any other subject,

WIN TV has created a unique Authors Game which is so much fun we personally cannot stop playing it. This is an exciting race to solve the clues and find the answers about certain books. This game is so good we may even make a Television Pilot of this game.

We provide a series of clues and questions about various books that you have to hunt down and find the answers. This is actually one of the few games on WIN TV that does not have a time limit. It could take days for the race to be won, but someone has to win.

The great thing about this game is that the prize starts relatively small but if no one solves the game in one day the prize is rolled over and EVERY DAY IT GETS BIGGER!

So if you love books of any kind or you love to read you need to subscribe to WIN TV right now!

Here is a FREE game for you to whet your appetite: