Crazy Games



To all the CRAZY PEOPLE out there who are sick and tired of being shut down by the COVID virus. These CRAZY GAMES are so much fun! You never know, (we never know either)  what CRAZY GAMES the WIN TV crew of GAME JOCKEYS (GJ’s) will come up with.

All the folks at WIN TV are creative and sometimes we go into OVERLOAD mode.

This is when the crazy games are created. 

It could be a crazy treasure hunt, it could be a trivia or an activity game. Whatever it is ITS CRAZY! 

The CRAZY GAMES also have CRAZY PRIZES like a trip around the world for an entire family!

That’s right. If you win you could find yourself, your family or your team on a private chartered jet speeding around the world to exotic locations, eating bizarre foods, enjoying crazy libations, sailing various oceans, find yourself on top of mountains in Africa, and much more

INCLUDING SOME CRAZY CHALLENGES (like eating a snake, sumo wrestling, (now that will be funny) and much more CRAZY stuff)

What’s great is that we will send a film crew along with the prize winners to record the entire CRAZY TRIP and we will air that film on WIN TV.

(Probably much to the amusement of millions of people around the world).

So, if you want to have the chance to participate in our CRAZY GAMES and win a CRAZY PRIZE then you need to subscribe now!

Here is a tip. If you do subscribe to WIN TV keep coming back to the website “HOMEPAGE” and make a point to look for the “LIVE” button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

AS soon as it starts flashing it means there is “LIVE” game in progress. WE never know when the CRAZY GAMES will be posted so check back often to make sure you do not miss it.

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