E-SPORTS: E-Sports has become mainstream with competitive teams scattered around the world competing in front of thousands of spectators in sold out stadiums. One of the things that we recognized early on is that e-sports is structured like other major sports where the emphasis is placed on the top players. This is like the “old school” programming of GAME SHOWS where there are only 1-4 contestants going for the cash and prizes. This is why we started up WIN TV. Technology and new approaches now allow us to make anyone anywhere in the world a television game show contestant.

We want to do the same thing with e-sports. Instead of concentrating on a few top players we want to open it up to let anyone of any level win cash and prizes.

We are still working on this format but stick with us and come back to the site often because when we have it in place our WIN TV E-Sports games will start. But Remember, in order to be notified that these games are coming you need to be a subscriber or you cannot compete forth cash and other great prizes.

In the Interim, Please test your knowledge of e-sports by trying this FREE game: