WIN UP TO $1,000,000!









PRIZE MONEY: $1,000 – $250,000 – $500,000 – $1,000,000

Find the PURE one pound golden NUGGET. Especially forged in the WIN TV smelters and hand crafted in 99.99% pure gold. The “NUGGET” game is a hunt AND RACE for the treasure that has been buried somewhere in the world. Developed by WIN TV GJ “Baron”

It’s a great game for kids and adults alike to work together to solve the clues. This is another big game with prizes that can be from $1,000 – $1,000,000 USD. It involves some geography and basic math skills such as addition, subtraction multiplication and division to solve it.

It’s a lot of fun for the whole family, a team or a group to participate in trying to find the “NUGGET”. The first correct solution back to WIN TV wins the prize but there are 25 valuable “runner up” prizes to be won. These involve trips, products, and an automobile. 


GJ Baron is the FOUNDER and CEO of WIN TV Network and has produced approximately 3,500 network television episodes that have been distributed around the world. He has worked with British Intelligence but can’t say too much here because, well, he is a spy. 

Educated at Oxford in the U.K. he was recruited by British Intelligence where he experienced five years of incredible adventures. He has received various awards presented at Buckingham Palace and has traveled the globe. Climbed the mountains sailed the seven seas, fought with pirates. Now, as a serial investor and entrepreneur he has dedicated himself to the global expansion of WIN TV. He has assembled a remarkable team of incredible people, all successful in their own right, and all with similar adventures of life. His mantra is “If you can’t have fun and you can’t make a buck, then don’t do it!” Well here is your chance to have some fun and make a buck. WIN TV IS A LOT OF FUN AND ITS HUGE PRIZE MONEY!

The U.K. Game


PRIZE MONEY FOR THIS GAME                                                                       $1,000 – $1,000,000

This is a great game for everyone who wants to explore some of the great attractions of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. The U.K. game is a trivia-based game and is truly a lot of fun and at the same time very educational. Once the game begins there are 100 questions, most of them are quite simple, but 10 of them will require you to search for the answers. Once you have the correct answers which will lead you to the final  path to the solution, you need to be the first person that sends the correct solution to WIN TV. There are also 25 great runner-up prizes to be won.


WIN TV welcomes G J “RITA” as the developer of WIN TV games that have everything to do with the UK (United Kingdom). Rita is another extraordinary person who has met life’s challenges head on. At 13 years of age, during the genocide of the Angolan wars in Africa, her parents and other family members were slaughtered. Holding the hand of her five-year old sister, she managed to escape through a rain of bullets, bombs, gas and somehow, against all odds, make her way to England. This extraordinary story is the subject of a new best-selling book to be released soon and a feature film that will shock you. Making her way to England she struggled in every possible way to earn a living and found that her knowledge of languages was an asset. GJ “Rita” ended up with one of the largest translation companies in England with 30+ staff speaking over 60 languages and assisted international business clients in translating complex legal agreements that spanned transactions across the globe. Now with a University Degree behind her and years of business acumen and succession the international trade, RITA is a force in facilitating international business deals. Acquiring the WIN TV rights for the UK “GJ” “Rita” is a valuable asset for WIN TV and has been responsible for numerous international negotiations for the Format Rights and International territorial sales and expansion for WIN TV.

Game of Thrones

PRIZE MONEY FOR THIS GAME                                                                       $10,000 – $1,000,000

This great history game of the kings and queens of the Tudors & Stuarts in England is one of the most suspenseful “Real Life” WIN TV GAMES ever created. If you are not familiar with the stories of the Tudors & Stuarts royal escapades, it is one of  the most amazing and intriguing spy and thriller stories of all time.

This episode in British history is filled with plots, spies, assassinations, executions, infidelity and adventure, it is like a real life, but true, James Bond story. It’s fun for everyone and this game has a great prize. It could be anywhere from $10,000 – $250,000 – $500,000 – $1,000,000.

TIP: While this game can be played by a single player it is probably best played by a team of some kind as there needs to be some considerable historical research carried out. Besides the great cash prize there are 25 fabulous  “runner up” prizes awarded….


GJ “Baron” a British history buff which combined with his time with British Intelligence allowed him unfettered access to the history of the Royal Family….

Long rumored to be the mystery man in the affair with Princess Diana, and because of the potential scandal at the time, he was deported to live in exile in the Turks & Caicos Islands. As a frequent guest of Buckingham Palace where he accepted numerous awards, he became involved with certain royal family members in a love triangle. He refuses to talk about it to this day but speculation continues in the palace. It is rumored that some photographs may exist and be released in the near future. If they are published you will be the first to know.

Super Sleuth

PRIZE MONEY FOR THIS GAME                                                                                 $1,000,000+

Super Sleuth is the first interactive movie with over 10 million views so far. This is an exciting mystery that challenges the deductive powers of the viewer. It also carries one of the biggest prizes on WIN TV with over $1,000,000 dollars in cash and some added surprises. .

During the film there are 49 clues presented and the inner detective in you has to determine which six clues correctly identify the killers. This game is not suitable for children and contains adult humor. The film was produced with location shooting in China, the Caribbean, the USA and Canada and has an all-star cast including one of the world’s greatest singers, the incredible Baron Storm. (singer of some of the world’s best Love Songs)

Filled with very funny scenes the film has been viewed over 10 million times by a world-wide audience that have rated it as one of the funniest movies ever. However, movies are very subjective and over 50 million people have voted it one of the most horrible films of all time, but still very funny!

Film, television, books and music creator GJ “Baron” produced and directed this hilarious film which was the original test bed for what has become WIN TV….

War Games – Top Gun

PRIZE MONEY FOR THIS GAME                                                                        $1,000,000 CASH!


Captain  “Doug”  was a “TOP GUN” fighter pilot (now retired) who flew an extraordinary 316 missions IN VIETNAM and survived to tell the tale. When he left the military, he became an Eastern Airlines Pilot Captain for many years and when he left them, he went exploring and sailed the Oceans. An extraordinary individual and an extraordinary life lived to the fullest. Now Capt. “Doug” brings his brilliant knowledge of the air to WIN TV. He has devised games to do with military backgrounds. If you want to go to war with “GJ” “Doug” and take his $1,000,000 cash, you need to watch for this fascinating game and subscribe to WIN TV NOW!

Treasure Hunt

$1,000,000 USD

“TREASURE HUNT” is a game designed by GJ “Captain Sally” a luxury yacht skipper who has captained ultra-luxury yachts through many of the world’s oceans and seas. Her travels have taken her from Alaska to the Mediterranean through to the Caribbean and South America. Using her extensive navigational skills and travels, GJ “Captain Sally” has devised the “TREASURE HUNT” game to truly be a challenge, yet lots of fun and educational. The best part is that this is one of the big games! With prize money from $1,000 – $1,000,000 CASH pus other great prizes. Now, as WIN TV never announces when any of these big prize games become “LIVE” it means you have to keep coming back to watch WIN TV 24/7/365. Keep coming back to this page for early warnings that this game is going to be “LIVE” then watch the “HOME” page to see if there is a flashing “LIVE” sign in the top right hand corner. This is of course hard to do, so, TIP #1: Form a team with some friends who can be on “watch” and raise the alarm bells with other team members when the game becomes “LIVE”. Once it does, the race is on to solve the clues that lead to the treasure and the $1,000,000 USD CASH! 

WIN TV GJ “Captain Sally” 

GJ “Sally” says that running a first class multi-million-dollar yacht is like running a TEN STAR luxury hotel where everything is perfect. After 25 years of running some of the largest luxury yachts around the world, “Sally” is bringing her expertise to WIN TV to not only create these great “BIG PRIZE” Treasure hunt games, but also to organize the huge special events we have planned for the WINNERS of WIN TV. This is a GLOBAL treat for our WINNERS. 

When you win one of these major prizes you may also be on a chartered yacht and enjoy the luxury vacation of a lifetime. GJ “Sally” will make sure that everything is perfect for you and your family or team should you win one of these great prizes.

You will enjoy a luxury one week or two eating the best foods prepared by your private chef, the best wines will be served and there are lots of toys for you to play with as well as picnics on deserted beaches and Islands.

How do you win these magnificent prizes?







GJ “Baron” a British history buff which combined with his time with British Intelligence allowed him to gain unfettered access to the history of the Royal Family….

Long rumored to be the mystery man in the affair with Princess Diana who, because of the potential scandal at the time, was deported to live in exile in the Turks & Caicos Islands. There are rumors that he is actually a KING himself but there are also other rumors saying he is a QUEEN. That’s the problem with being a spy in British Intelligence. You never know quite what’s real!

As a frequent guest of Buckingham Palace where he accepted numerous awards, it is alleged that  he became involved with certain royal family members in a love triangle. He refuses to talk about it to this day, but speculation continues in the palace. 

A “tell all” book has been written, but it will not be published until after his death.

This game is also one of the big prize games that actually has a time limit on the answers, so it truly is a race for the money which will be a staggering $1,000,000 USD.

In addition the winners will receive a tremendous all expenses paid trip to the UK for one to two weeks to visit various attractions in London and elsewhere. This will be a trip of a lifetime for a single player, a family or a team. So SUBSCRIBE NOW!