HISTORY GAMES: are great games, especially for children.

Here they can learn all about Kings and Queens, battles, explorers from the old days, all the way to the exploration of outer space. We can learn about wars, terrible people and great people.

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When children play these games not only do they learn historical facts but they learn how to research history and we find that sometimes the children become so fascinated by these true stories of villains and heroes, kings and queens, that they develop their own desire to learn and this is what we aim for. When this desire to learn on their own is instilled wonderful things start to happen with your children. They explore facts on their own and they learn on their own they also come to you and ask questions looking for answers that you might know. Don’t worry, if you don’t know the answer you can BOTH try to find it. This fosters special family moments that are priceless.. 

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In the interim try playing this FREE game with the kids. Its lots of fun!