HORSE GAMES: Who does not like to see a spectacular horse running at full speed. Horse racing they say is the “Sport of Kings”. WIN TV wants to make you the “KING” of horse racing by being the person who knows everything about horse racing.

This game has up to a $1,000,000 dollar “Purse”.

Just like people know all the facts and figures and history of other sports like baseball, football, tennis and golf, we are looking for people who have the same knowledge of the sport of Horse Racing.

This is a great games for horse enthusiasts of any kind. We cover not only horse racing but Olympic events, Cross Country eventing and much more.

Not only are there great cash prizes for these games but we are actually looking into providing a real race horse as one of the prizes. So, try your luck. You could be a big winner.

Here is a FREE game for you to try about horses. Have Fun!