CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS   $365.00 for the church and $25.00 per team member.




CHURCH ORGANIZATIONS   $365.00 for the church and $25.00 per team member.

Church organizations of any kind or denomination and of any size should consider WIN TV as a great tool for bringing people together particularly for our religious games which serve as a learning tool for children and adults alike.

Fund raising activities are always a part of church activities and WIN TV has provided special pricing for churches located around the world to participate in WIN TV as a Church Team.

Subscribe and compete against other church groups on a global basis.

Each church must subscribe for an annual fee of $365.00 USD which pays for up to 12 church team members for one year.

This is one of our best priced subscriptions and we look forward to a church organization winning some big cash prizes to create good things in their parish.

Please Note* In the Subscription box where it says “Company” enter your Church team name. In the space provided for additional notes and comments you must provide the full name of every team member up to 12 people. If there are more than 12 members who wish to play they must form a second Church team with up to another 12 Church team members.  This is very important because if you win $1,000,000 each team member must be subscribed in order to receive his share of the prize or collectively agree to donate to the church for a particular project for the community in which the church presides.


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