Subscribe for one day a for just $1.00 and have a look around WIN TV



JUST $1.00 A DAY!

Subscribe for one day a for just $1.00 and have a look around WIN TV. OR PLAY FOR THE MONEY!

Try some of the sample games on the “HOME” drop down menu. Click on “HOW TO PLAY”  and learn how you might be able to win big Cash and other great prizes all the way up to ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

It’s one of the best entertainment values in the world today where you can win big by simply watching television in the world’s largest television game show.

Once you see how great the opportunities are, we are convinced that you will take advantage of the great deal on an annual subscription where you can get an additional year FREE  if you register before we announce the games are live. 

This is terrific SAVINGS for you and means you are playing for about 50 cents a day. So, subscribe now for an annual membership and get one year absolutely FREE!

(Your subscription does not start running until the site is active and we let everyone know that the Games Are About to Begin! Please note that this SPECIAL offer may close off at any time so make sure you take advantage of it.)


Please Note* Because this is such a small transaction there is a small additional CC processing fee of $0.25 cents. Total cost billed $1.25 USD.


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