RELIGEOUS GAMES: With millions of people around the world that follow various religions this series of games that we create  will challenge anyone. Part history, part bible, part events this game is for anyone, children and adults alike to play. It’s a great educational tool for everyone to learn about other religions. practices and history.

Anyone of any religion is encouraged to form a team on WIN TV because we have special prices for religious groups, churches and schools. Wherever you are in the world, if you have a religious belief you are more than welcome to play these games. 

Winnings can be collected personally of course but this is a great way for churches or religious organizations to raise significant money if they win. So, if you are looking to raise funds in a fun way with your congregation then put a team together (minimum of 10 contestants) and subscribe to WIN TV now!

Put a Group together and try this FREE game. It’s fun!