Sports of every kind are some of the most popular games on WIN TV. We have thousands of sports trivia games that you can play at anytime for free by linking to our providers but make sure that you come back often to this site because our “Game Jockeys” (GJ’s) are right now creating new sports games with major CASH prizes. (Here is a little inside information for you. The first $1,000,000 sports game we are creating is about the sport of BASEBALL.) So all of you baseball fans start studying your facts and figures to do with that game. WIN TV will be posting advance notice of the arrival of the game to all subscribers to WIN TV. (Make sure you subscribe today because you do not want to miss this game.)

IMPORTANT* On the top right hand corner of the “Home Page” of WIN TV. you will see a “LIVE” button. Keep checking back to the WIN TV website every other minute because the moment that “LIVE” button starts to flash, the game is on and someone is going to walk away with up to $1,000,000 CASH and 25 fabulous  “RUNNER-UP” prizes!

In the meantime here is a FREE sports trivia game for you to enjoy. Have fun!

This Game has been played over 3,088,000 TIMES!