If you have a product, service, clothing or other item you are trying to establish as a global brand, then WIN TV is here to help you.

The trick to creating a recognizable brand name is to get it in front of so many eyeballs that it becomes well known and evolves into a global brand.

WE are actually doing the same thing with WIN TV which is a revolutionary approach to the “Old School” approach to the way the television production and distribution has been carried out since television became such a powerful (and expensive) medium for advertisers.

We are in the right place at the right time with the right disruptive approach to television. We have created a new “Game Show” global network that has provided a first-lass reason for people to watch WIN TV.

You have probably watched hundreds of television game shows like “WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE”, “WHEEL OF FORTUNE”, JEOPARDY” “THE PRICE IS RIGHT” any dozens more. These shows are extremely popular and distributed in over 200 countries around the world.

They are also a very rich genre that is widely accepted by all the audience key demographics.

However, all of these television game shows typically always have between ONE and FOUR contestants.

WIN TV allows EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD to compete as a television game show contestant!

Now people from all over the world can win money simply by watching television!


WIN TV has created games that are fun, educational, can be played by individuals, families, teams with 10 to 500 team members.

For those people who wish to establish a brand we can take your promotional content (if you do not have any we can create it for you) and actually make it part of the content which means that have to watch every second of your advertising or promotional materials in order to win a prize!

For example, we have recently been approached by a number of tourism agencies representing various countries. They have gorgeous tourist related videos showing off the best features of their country. We take this footage and create a game that could have a $1,000,000 prize attached to it.

This unique approach has never been exposed before, but WIN TV and its principal directors have over 100 years of combined production and distribution expertise with approximately 3,500 network shows being completed and sold around the world.

So, if you have something you want to be exposed to the world and create a brand, then contact us NOW!