Geography is one of the more popular categories of our WIN TV GAME SHOWS. These are great fun and a great learning tool, especially for children. We have hundreds of Geography games for you through our links. Can you name the seven smallest countries in Europe in order from smallest to largest? Even we had to have several tries at this great little game. Try it for yourself.

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Sports of every kind are some of the most popular games on WIN TV. We have thousands of sports trivia games that you can play at anytime for free by linking to our providers but make sure that you come back often to this site because our "Game Jockeys" (GJ's) are right now creating new sports games with major CASH prizes. (Here is a little inside information for you. The first $1,000,000 sports game we are creating is about the sport of BASEBALL.) So all of you baseball fans start studying your facts and figures to do with that game. WIN TV will be posting advance notice of the arrival of the game to all subscribers to WIN TV. (Make sure you subscribe today because you do not want to miss this game.)

IMPORTANT* On the top right hand corner of the "Home Page" of WIN TV. you will see a "LIVE" button. Keep checking back to the WIN TV website every other minute because the moment that "LIVE" button starts to flash, the game is on and someone is going to walk away with up to $1,000,000 CASH and 25 fabulous  "RUNNER-UP" prizes!


WIN TV is famous for it's music games. You will be able to see music videos from all over the world on our "HOME PAGE". Each one of these music videos is an opportunity for you as a single player, a family or a team to walk away with some fantastic prizes of cash and other valuable "RUNNER-UP" prizes. All you have to do is watch the videos very closely and then answer anywhere from ONE to TWENTY questions. The first person back to us with the right answer, from anywhere in the world WINS!

The cash [prizes on some of our music games can be anywhere from $1,000 - $1,000,000. Make sure that if you want to play for the money you subscribe to WIN TV. It costs only ONE DOLLAR a day for some of the best entertainment value in the world.

WIN TV will cover all music genres from classical to jazz to rock and pop. You will be able to see some of the best artists in the world. These trivia games built around our music videos are fun for every subscriber. If you would like to see how you do on the "SAMPLE" music games please go to the "HOW TO PLAY"  section under the "HOME" tab. Have Fun!

MOVIES provide entertainment for hundreds of millions of people all over the world and we invite every movie lover to subscribe to WIN TV because we have some great MOVIE GAMES coming up where you can watch a movie on your couch and you can play our games at the same time and walk away with up to $1,000,000 cash!

Now, what could be better than that?

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If you watch a lot of television, then put all those hours you have spent in front of the TV to work.

You have probably watched hundreds of television "GAME SHOWS" over the years. WIN TV lets you become a television "GAME SHOW" contestant competing for millions of dollars in cash prizes and other great "RUNNER-UP" prizes. Just like they do on "GAME SHOWS" like "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", "Deal Or No Deal" "Jeopardy" and "Wheel of Fortune". 

Who knows, you could walk away with up to $1,000,000 cash or some other great prizes.

When you subscribe to WIN TV you are a fully fledged "GAME SHOW" contestant. You have to answer some questions about the content we provide and if you are the first one to provide the correct answer to us then you are the WINNER!

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We would love to have you become a winner of some of the fantastic cash and other prizes so why not join us in the world's first global television "GAME SHOW"?



WIN TV FUN GAMES are great games for the whole family. Kids will love them because they are about all the things that kids of any age love. If you are looking for an opportunity as a family to get the kids off their electronic devices for a few hours and have some fun with you as the parents and at the same time have the opportunity to learn something, then you need to subscribe to WIN TV. There are special subscription prices for families where you can save hundreds of dollars.

These fun games are about animals of the world, cartoons, words, numbers, geography and more. However, the questions we ask make the kids search out the answers and in doing so they learn certain facts, figures, and much more. They have so much fun they do not even realize that they are learning. These games are developed by WIN TV "Game Jockeys" (GJ's) who have a background in teaching children of all levels. For One dollar a day ($365.00) a year this is the best valued entertainment for your entire family who can all enjoy these fun games but maybe also walk away with a lot of pocket money or prizes that can be won.


CRAZY GAMES: To all the CRAZY PEOPLE out there who are sick and tired of being shut down by the COVID virus. These CRAZY GAMES are so much fun! You never know, (we never know either)  what CRAZY GAMES the WIN TV crew of GAME JOCKEYS (GJ's) will come up with.

All the folks at WIN TV are creative and sometimes we go into OVERLOAD mode.

This is when the crazy games are created. 

It could be a crazy treasure hunt, it could be a trivia or an activity game. Whatever it is ITS CRAZY! 

The CRAZY GAMES also have CRAZY PRIZES like a trip around the world for an entire family! That's right. If you win you could find yourself, your family or your team on a private chartered jet speeding around the world to exotic locations, eating bizarre foods, enjoying crazy libations, sailing various oceans, find yourself on top of mountains in Africa, and much more. What's great is that we will send a film crew along with the prize winners to record the entire CRAZY PRIZE TRIP and we will air that on WIN TV. (Probably much to the amusement of millions of people around the world).

So, if you want to have the chance to participate in our CRAZY GAMES and win a CRAZY PRIZE then you need to subscribe now!

Here is a tip. If you do subscribe to WIN TV keep coming back to the website "HOMEPAGE" and make a point to look for the "LIVE" button in the top right hand corner of the screen. AS soon as it starts flashing it means there is LIVE game in progress. WE never know when the CRAZY GAMES will be posted so check back often to make sure you do not miss it.


WORD GAMES: Everyone loves a word game from Scrabble, Crosswords, Codes, and much more. Win Tv loves word games too. For all the millions of people who like Crosswords we have a special treat for you. Every day at midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time, we will be putting up a daily WIN TV Crossword for all subscribers to play for money and other great "RUNNER -UP" Prizes. No matter where you are in the world with the different time zones you can play this WIN TV CROSSWORD.

The great thing about this crossword is that there a maximum time limit of 24 hours for it to be completed. If no one returns a correct answer for the crossword the prize rolls over for the next day and increases each day for the next WIN TV puzzle.

The first person to  send in the completed and correct answers will win anywhere from $100 USD to $10,000 +. The daily prize amount is drawn at random so even we do not know what the daily prize will be until the WIN TV CROSSWORD is posted at midnight EST. So wherever you are in the world make sure that you check back to this site to see what the daily prize is.

If for any reason we receive no correct answer to the crossword then the prize for that particular day will roll over to the next day's prize amount. Besides the cash prize presented to the first correct submission there are twenty-five other great prizes to be won every day. We know there are millions of crossword players out there who do crosswords all day long, even on a bus or a train as they head to work. Wouldn't it be nice to make this pastime PAY.

Bit remember, in order to WIN and claim the prize you just be a subscriber.It costs only ONE DOLLAR a day.

WE also have a treat for lovers of word games. Some years ago we developed a GAME SHOW called "The Million Dollar Word Game" as a pilot series. This is where we ask you to find so many four, five and six letter words out of a root word. This is a fantastic game and even more fantastic is the fact that there is $1,000,000 cash up for grabs. We are still developing a lot of these word games but check back often to see if any of them are LIVE.


HISTORY GAMES: are great games, especially for children.

Here they can learn all about Kings and Queens, battles, explorers from the old days, all the way to the exploration of outer space. We can learn about wars, terrible people and great people.

If you would like your children to have the opportunity to learn all kinds of historical data and have a good grounding on the history of the world, then make sure you subscribe to WIN TV. These gams are designed by a great group of educators, historians, and teachers but they are designed in such a way that they are fun.

When children play these games not only do they learn historical facts but they learn how to research history and we find that sometimes the children become so fascinated by these true stories of villains and heroes, kings and queens, that they develop their own desire to learn and this is what we aim for. When this desire to learn on their own is instilled wonderful things start to happen with your children. They explore facts on their own and they learn on their own they also come to you and ask questions looking for answers that you might know. Don't worry, if you don't know the answer you can BOTH try to find it. This fosters special family moments that are priceless.. 

Why not give this opportunity to your child. For ONE DOLLAR a day it's the best family value around. There are special prices for families. Subscribe NOW!


WAR GAMES: Throughout the earliest period of recorded history there have been wars. Conflict between nations, tribes, people make for very interesting reading. We have literally tens of thousands of WAR GAMES that you can play for free but if you are a history buff of wars and battles then you need to subscribe to WIN TV.

Why? Because we have a real battle warrior who is designing our "FEATURED" WAR GAMES for WIN TV. Successfully serving an incredible 316 mission over Vietnam, one of the nastiest conflicts of all time, our Captain (GJ) "Doug", a real TOP GUN fighter pilot has created some games that have a massive $1,000,000 CASH PRIZE.

For anyone with an interest in WAR GAMES, BATTLES, fighter planes, military equipment or the history of WAR, look no further. Put your passion for historical conflicts to use and try to win one of these games.

It's fun, and who knows, you could be the next TOP GUN!


E-SPORTS: E-Sports has become mainstream with competitive teams scattered around the world competing in front of thousands of spectators in sold out stadiums. One of the things that we recognized early on is that e-sports is structured like other major sports where the emphasis is placed on the top players. This is like the "old school" programming of GAME SHOWS where there are only 1-4 contestants going for the cash and prizes. This is why we started up WIN TV. Technology and new approaches now allow us to make anyone anywhere in the world a television game show contestant.

We want to do the same thing with e-sports. Instead of concentrating on a few top players we want to open it up to let anyone of any level win cash and prizes.

We are still working on this format but stick with us and come back to the site often because when we have it in place our WIN TV E-Sports games will start. But Remember, in order to be notified that these games are coming you need to be a subscriber or you cannot compete forth cash and other great prizes.


MILITARY GAMES: There are millions of people around the world who like to collect military artifacts and historical items. This is like a treasure hunt and an identification game of those articles. For example we show a particular artifact, perhaps a helmet. Then we ask a series of questions about it. Once the game starts the race is on. This is a really fun game. It's quite challenging but a lot of fun.



SCIENCE GAMES: This is one of our favorite games. It's also a great learning tool for everyone from children to adults. Our crazy science professors create these games that are sure to entertain and for some people who win these games, there are some tremendous prizes. These prizes will include special trips to science displays, (Like NASA) incredible laboratories with superb scientific explorations that will excite everyone. Science is the future of earth as we discover the incredible source of life, nature, and space.



RELIGEOUS GAMES: With millions of people around the world that follow various religions this series of games that we create  will challenge anyone. Part history, part bible, part events this game is for anyone, children and adults alike to play. It's a great educational tool for everyone to learn about other religions. practices and history.

Anyone of any religion is encouraged to form a team on WIN TV because we have special prices for religious groups, churches and schools. Wherever you are in the world, if you have a religious belief you are more than welcome to play these games. 

Winnings can be collected personally of course but this is a great way for churches or religious organizations to raise significant money if they win. So, if you are looking to raise funds in a fun way with your congregation then put a team together (minimum of 10 contestants) and subscribe to WIN TV now!


ENGLISH GAMES: We have hundreds of English games for the whole family to play. They are free for you to enjoy. They can be memory games or they can be games about England.

However, if you want to play for some big money and other great prizes you need to SUBSCRIBE TO WIN TV  and play our "FEATURED games about England.

England is a fascinating place with an even more fascinating history. These "FEATURED" games are created by our Game Jockeys (GJ's) and cover every possible subject about England. It could be sports, Kings & Queens, Music, and much more. If you like everything about the United Kingdom and would like to play these games we have some tremendous prizes that we are working on for the winners.

This will of course be post pandemic but winners will not only win a huge amount of cash but they will receive an all expense paid trip to visit various tourist attractions in the UK, dine n some of the top restaurants in the world and enjoy the arts, plays, concerts and much more. But, as usual we need to remind you that you need to SUBSCIBE in order to win.


AUTHORS GAMES: Millions of people love a good book. Whether it's romance, action adventure, mystery, an autobiography or any other subject, WIN TV has created a unique Authors Game which is so much fun we personally cannot stop playing it. This is an exciting race to solve the clues and find the answers about certain books. This game is so good we may even make a Television Pilot of this game.

We provide a series of clues and questions about various books that you have to hunt down and find the answers. This is actually one of the few games on WIN TV that does not have a time limit. It could take days for the race to be won, but someone has to win.

So if you love books of any kind or you love to read you need to subscribe to WIN TV right now!


HORSE GAMES: Who does not like to see a spectacular horse running at full speed. Horse racing they say is the "Sport of Kings". WIN TV wants to make you the "KING" of horse racing by being the person who knows everything about horse racing.

This game has up to a $1,000,000 dollar "Purse".

Just like people know all the facts and figures and history of other sports like baseball, football, tennis and golf, we are looking for people who have the same knowledge of the sport of Horse Racing.

This is a great games for horse enthusiasts of any kind. We cover not only horse racing but Olympic events, Cross Country eventing and much more.

Not only are there great cash prizes for these games but we are actually looking into providing a real race horse as one of the prizes. So, try your luck. You could be a big winner.


CATS & DOGS GAMES: This is one of our all-time favorites. And who does not love a cat or a dog. THEY ARE SO DARN CUTE!

They can make you laugh and they can make you cry. Look at the sample video game we have provided on the "HOW TO PLAY" page under the "HOME" tab. Tell us that this extraordinary video does make you both laughs and cry!

We have some tremendous fun games for children and adults alike with great cash and other prizes to be won. Make sure you subscribe to WIN TV now because for ONE DOLLAR a day this is the best entertainment value out there.

Check out one of the dog games on the "HOW TO PLAY" page. It's simple, it's easy and its so much fun. This sample video game shows the incredible relationship between a dog and it's handler as they do a dance at the World Championship Dog/Owner Dance Championships in Italy that tells a story. Check it out and then subscribe. Do Not Miss these games.


NATURE GAMES: The world is full of wonderful animals and plants, streams and rivers. We explore all that nature has to offer us as we create these spectacular WIN TV games. They are a great learning tool for children as well as adults. Subscribe now to WIN TV.







PEOPLE GAMES: People are fascinated by people. WIN TV has created games that evolve around people that have attracted attention all over the world. Answer the questions that we ask and the first person back with the right answers will win the Prize! In this game we provide a series of clues like 


2.Place of birth

3.Where he went to University

and so on. This is a long game with one clue given every day. Ultimately you will be able to identify the name of the person and the first person that does can win a huge cash prize and great "Runner Up" prizes. 

All you have to do is subscribe to WIN TV and have great fun and maybe walk away with up to $1,000,000 CASH!

SUBSCRIBE NOW to play the great stock market game on WIN TV.

Millions of people invest in the stock market all around the world every day of the year. Some people make millions of dollars in a day and some people lose millions of dollars every day as well. 

Here on WIN TV you can play the stock market and we start you off with a virtual $1,000,000 to start. Then the games begin. To find ut more you must be a subscriber to WIN TV. You could walk away with up to $1,000,000 CASH in real money.