TIP #1

ALWAYS make sure that you are subscribed!

This is the most important part of being a contestant on WIN TV. There would be nothing worse than you winning a MILLION DOLLARS and finding out that your subscription has expired the day before you won a huge prize. If this happens you cannot claim your prize! In order to make sure that you are always subscribed, rather than subscribing for a day, a week or a month at a time, subscribe for an annual membership. In this way, you will avoid any issue with expiration as a contestant, authentication and validation and claiming your prize. We have provided another SUBSCRIBE NOW button for your convenience. Just click and choose a SUBSCRIPTION PLAN that suits you, your family, club, school, team and start playing for the BIG MONEY in WIN TV’s “FEATURED GAMES”

TIP #2

FORM A TEAM. While you can access over a million trivia games that have had over 3.8 BILLION game plays on the links we provide you, most of these games have no cash or other prizes being awarded. You can enjoy these at any time at no cost, but if you want to be a true WIN TV television GAME SHOW contestant and go for the BIG MONEY then you need to go to WIN TV’s “Featured Games.”

These “FEATURED GAMES” have CASH prizes all the way up to $1,000,000 Cash!

The WIN TV  “TREASURE HUNTS” are great games, but while they can still be won by single players, it is far better to form a team of 10 players or more.

This gives you aN edge in winning because part of your team can be assigned to certain parts of the game and arrive at the solution quicker than a single player can often do. As a team you can work together to answer the questions and if you are the winning team each team member wins an equal amount of the winnings. However, remember that all teams must have a minimum of 10 players. ALL team members must be registered as SUBSCRIBERS. Just click on this SUBSCRIBE NOW button and it will take you to where you can register and subscribe your team! There are also great savings for each player when you subscribe as a team.

TIP #3

Look for great savings on subscriptions. If you are a family then register the family and save hundreds of dollars. We strongly suggest that you subscribe your family as an annual member so that you avoid any issue of not being authenticated or validated just at the very moment you win a major prize. All contestants, all team members must be validated as current subscribers in order to claim a prize. VERY IMPORTANT!

TIP #4

This is perhaps the best tip we can give you. HAVE YOUR PHONE CAMERA AT THE READY AT ALL TIMES. Some of the games need you to count moving objects and one of the quickest ways to determine the number of objects is to have a still picture. This makes it so much easier to count the objects.

TIP #5

The biggest cash prizes are randomly placed in the WIN TV schedule. Even we do not know when they will appear, but, if you hear sirens, see flashing lights, hear bells and whistles then drop everything and play the game. There could be $1,000,000 dollars to be won.

TIP #6

Share the load. There are 24 games a day where you can win cash prizes anywhere from $100 – $1,000,000 and it will be impossible to watch WIN TV for 24 hours a day. (although we would like you to) This is why we emphasize again that you play with a team, which must have a minimum of 10 people. In this way you can assign each team member to watch on a rotation schedule for four or six hours a day, or one day a week. This makes it much easier NOT to miss a $1,000,000 game. As soon as your team member sees and hears all the bells and whistles, he can alert all the team members and you all spring into action.

TIP #7

Look at the subscription plans closely. There is something there for everyone. Save some big money by looking at the various subscription plans. If you are a family team you can save money. If you register early and before the games go live you can DOUBLE your subscription term. Thats Right! Buy one year and you get one year free.( Please note that your subscription does not start running until the website goes live and we will let you know by email when that is so that you can start playing for some great cash and other prizes.)

TIP #8

Be Prepared to WIN. If you can make sure that you can get essential travel documents together such as a Passport for you and any members of your family. There is a very good chance that you may win any one of our great travel prizes for the whole family to Tahiti or Hawaii, or even some exotic Island anywhere in the world. In order to be able to claim these prizes you will need travel documents and possibly visa’s. (we will assist you with that). If you are a winner of one of these trips you will either have airline tickets provided for you and every member of your family if you are subscribed as a family, or we may even pick you up in a corporate and private jet to whisk you away to your prize destination. So be prepared with the travel documents. If you do not have travel documents we will provide you with an equivalent cash value of the prize.