WORD GAMES: Everyone loves a word game from Scrabble, Crosswords, Codes, and much more. Win Tv loves word games too. For all the millions of people who like Crosswords we have a special treat for you. Every day at midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time, we will be putting up a daily WIN TV Crossword for all subscribers to play for money and other great “RUNNER -UP” Prizes. No matter where you are in the world with the different time zones you can play this WIN TV CROSSWORD.

The great thing about this crossword is that there a maximum time limit of 24 hours for it to be completed. If no one returns a correct answer for the crossword the prize rolls over for the next day and increases each day for the next WIN TV puzzle.

The first person to  send in the completed and correct answers will win anywhere from $100 USD to $10,000 +. The daily prize amount is drawn at random so even we do not know what the daily prize will be until the WIN TV CROSSWORD is posted at midnight EST. So wherever you are in the world make sure that you check back to this site to see what the daily prize is.

If for any reason we receive no correct answer to the crossword then the prize for that particular day will roll over to the next day’s prize amount. Besides the cash prize presented to the first correct submission there are twenty-five other great prizes to be won every day. We know there are millions of crossword players out there who do crosswords all day long, even on a bus or a train as they head to work. Wouldn’t it be nice to make this pastime PAY.

Bit remember, in order to WIN and claim the prize you just be a subscriber.It costs only ONE DOLLAR a day.

WE also have a treat for lovers of word games. Some years ago we developed a GAME SHOW called “The Million Dollar Word Game” as a pilot series. This is where we ask you to find so many four, five and six letter words out of a root word. This is a fantastic game and even more fantastic is the fact that there is $1,000,000 cash up for grabs. We are still developing a lot of these word games but check back often to see if any of them are LIVE.

Try this FREE word ladder game.